As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread, the government has decided to suspend "Go To Travel" nationwide from 28th this month.

Since the spread of the infection cannot be stopped, the policy has been changed from a limited response.

Regarding measures against the new coronavirus, the government discussed measures on the night of the 14th, based on the recommendations of the subcommittee, such as excluding areas where the infection situation remains high from the target of "Go To Travel".

Then, from 28th of this month to 11th of January next year, Coming-of-Age Day, we decided to suspend the operation nationwide.

Since the spread of the infection cannot be stopped, the policy was changed from a limited response to the area, and Prime Minister Suga said, "With the number of newly infected people exceeding 3,000 a day, intensive measures are taken during the year-end and New Year holidays. I thought it was time to take the course. "

Opposition parties have been increasingly criticizing, and Secretary-general Fukuyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "It is clear that Prime Minister Suga was particular about the spread of the infection nationwide, and it can be said that it is a man-made disaster. The responsibility is extremely large."

While there are voices from within the ruling party that "it is an unavoidable decision to prevent the spread of infection," there are also harsh views that "the impression that the response is behind is undeniable."

In addition, the government has decided to exclude trips to Sapporo, Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya from the target until the 27th of this month, and to refrain from using trips to the departure point. ..

On the other hand, we are planning to double the daily cooperation fee for restaurants, etc. in response to the request for shortening business hours from the 16th to the 11th of next month in cooperation with the local government.

Furthermore, on the medical side, the policy is to extend support measures such as income compensation for vacant beds in intensive care units and to improve the treatment of doctors and nurses dispatched to medical institutions.