In August, an international investigative journalist group and others alleged that Russian security agencies were involved in the case in which Russian opposition leaders were allegedly attacked by chemical weapons nerve agents. Has been announced.

In August, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny suddenly lost consciousness while traveling in Russia, and as a result of analyzing blood etc. in Germany where he was transported, it is the same as Novichok, a nerve agent developed in the former Soviet Union. Kind of substance was detected.

The international investigative journalism group Bellingcat investigated the case in collaboration with media outlets such as the United States and Germany, and said that one of Russia's leading security agencies, the FSB (Federal Security Service), was involved in the case. The survey results were announced on the 14th.

According to Bellingcat, the FSB has a secret unit that conducts special operations such as assassination using chemical weapons, and has been monitoring it for about three years by secretly accompanying Mr. Navalny's visit. That is.

And in August, at least eight people, including the three operatives who were the perpetrators, carried out the operation and attacked with Novichok, but after that, Mr. Navalny regained consciousness and the operation ended in failure. is.

Bellingcat allegedly obtained and analyzed vast amounts of data on the communications and movements of the operatives, and found an overview of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has so far denied any involvement in the case.