Freiburg (dpa / lsw) - The teachers' union GEW has criticized the policy for the "weeks of back and forth on the topic of Christmas holidays".

"Susanne Eisenmann and Winfried Kretschmann are campaigning on the backs of the schools instead of finally making sure that we all get through the crisis as well as possible," said state chief Monika Stein, according to a statement on Sunday in Freiburg in relation to the minister of education and CDU Top candidate for the state elections in March and the Prime Minister and Green top candidate.

"The school administrators and teachers at the 4,500 schools are fed up with the Corona patchwork with repeatedly different statements from the state government and the inconsistent practice of the health authorities in Baden-Württemberg," said Stein.

If the earlier Christmas holidays help protect the 1.5 million students and 130,000 teachers in the country and help fewer people get sick or even die, "then this should be implemented uniformly for all schools in the country," said the union.


Communications from GEW Baden-Württemberg