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  • Nigeria, Boko Haram attacks a village killing at least 110

  • Nigeria, 21 of the students kidnapped by Boko Haram freed

  • 2 years in the hands of Boko Haram extremists.

    La Cnn: The students kidnapped in Nigeria are alive


12 December 2020Hundreds of students have gone missing and may have been kidnapped after gunmen raided a secondary school in northwestern Nigeria.

The BBC reports.

The attackers, witnesses said, arrived by motorbike at a secondary school in the state of Katsina where more than 800 students reside and started shooting, causing a mass escape.

About 200 boys have managed to escape, others have been lost and searches are underway by the army and air force.

The attack, residents said, lasted more than an hour and took place last night.

The reconstruction is confusing and according to some, a number of students have been dragged away.

Others saved themselves by climbing over the fence of the institute.

The school security staff pushed back some of the attackers before the police arrived, with whom the firefight later took place.  

The incident recalls the mass kidnapping of 274 girls by the jihadists of Boko Haram, which took place in April 2014 in a girls' school in Chibok.