Möglingen (dpa / lsw) - Maria and Joseph with child in the manger and mask in front of their mouth: The Christmas story could have played out under pandemic conditions like this or something like that.

Marie Ebert and a friend have rewritten the well-known story about Jesus' birth for the current time - a corona-influenced version.

The two are filming this with a small team from the Evangelical Children's Church South in Möglingen (Ludwigsburg district) so that it can be seen on the Internet on the holidays.

The children playing along would have to wear masks during filming, said Ebert.

"We wanted to build that into the piece, then it doesn't look intentional."

In addition, because of the hygiene rules, the hostels have no free room for Maria and Joseph.

"And the angel steps up to the shepherds at a safety distance of 1.50 meters."

The video project is just one of many examples with which the Christian churches in Baden-Württemberg are preparing for the Christmas holidays under Corona conditions.

There are already all sorts of suggestions on the Internet, for example for church services at home.


Evangelical Church in Württemberg over Christmas