Corona time puts people’s mental health tough.

Experts are concerned that the whole truth about the severity of the Corona era will only be revealed when the pandemic eases a little (IS 12.12.).

There are many pressures, and the effects come through more than one.

There is a burden on those who, due to the nature of their work, have to be present and at the same time they risk their own health.

Tired drillers are also starting to get tired because of lack of social contacts.

Particularly strict are those from whom Korona took the job or a long layoff followed.

Then, in addition to loneliness, there may also be financial worries.

In the spring, children and young people quickly switched to distance school.

Now, during the fall, the situation has been alive, and the second degree is in distance education in many places.

It suits some students, but for others the situation is awkward.

In any case, children and young people long to follow each other.

Loneliness burdens them too.

IS asked readers for experiences of the effects of the Corona period on mental health.

They are sad to read.

One says he collapsed in the middle of the work day.

The time for the city’s mental health services would have been 1.5 months away.

Fortunately, help was found in occupational health.

Another is about depression and anxiety.

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Readers' stories go hand in hand with the increase in telephone calls to various parties.

It is bad for many now to be.

There is a legitimate concern about how much of the load will remain hidden, and how violent it will unleash when the corona situation finally eases.


 If you’re lucky enough to cope with the situation, you might want to look around.

The nursing staff forms their own situation.

They are starting to get really exhausted.

The spring was still in good spirits, but once the situation has continued for months, the forces are beginning to run out.

Many caregivers fear that at Christmas, hospitals will be full and the government will resort to legislation that forces them to work.

It would be time to start a discussion on how tired healthcare professionals will be when Korona ends in time, and what all that will come of it.

The same problem applies to many people working in nursing and senior homes as well as home care.

These professionals are also really tough.

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If the situation could be easily resolved, it would have already been resolved.

Curbing the virus requires that social contacts be kept to a minimum.

It increases loneliness.

At Christmas, loneliness can feel heavier than normal.

By now, everyone needs to understand that “don’t apply to me” thinking can’t be afforded.

If you’re lucky enough to cope with the situation, you might want to look around.

Maybe you can offer help to another who is weak.