Vatican pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050

Pope Francis in front of the empty St. Peter's Square on March 15, 2020. AFP

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Zero greenhouse gas emissions by the next thirty years, such is the announcement of Pope Francis this Saturday in a video message published five years after the signing of the Paris Climate Agreements.

A speech that wants to show the ecological efforts of the smallest state in the world, efforts already concrete for several years


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With our correspondent in the Vatican

Éric Sénanque

If the beginning of an ecological transition dates back to 2008 with the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Paul VI room, the audience hall of the popes, it is good since the election of Francis in 2013 and his encyclical Laudato Si, signed shortly before the Paris Accords, that the Vatican accelerated its greening.

In 2016, an ecological island was created in the 44 hectares of the Vatican gardens, allowing selective sorting.

The vegetable waste is used as compost for the villas and papal gardens and the Vatican gendarmerie, which ensures the security of the Place Saint-Pierre, only moves in electric cars.

Last year, the Vatican also banned single-use plastics throughout its territory.

The small state wants to promote a whole circular economy.

The Vatican fountains operate in a closed circuit and low-consumption LED lights have gradually been replaced to illuminate St. Peter's Basilica, reducing electricity costs by 80%.

Pope Francis has never ceased to call for an “

integral ecological conversion

”, which respects both nature and human dignity.

An effort, specifies the Sovereign Pontiff, which also involves the education of the youngest generations.


Video message from Pope Francis on the occasion of the High-Level Meeting of Caring for Climate 2020


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