In the video, Yle interviews a woman who looks like her prime minister from Prime Minister Sanna Marini.

He has a calm and clear manner of speaking, a black jacket and a convincing posture.

The woman has brown hair and green eyes.

Except that she has contact lenses in her eyes and the woman 's name is Melina von Kraemer, 27.

Melina from Helsinki imitates Prime Minister Sanna Marini in an astonishingly credible way.

That’s what he’s been doing since last spring.

Melina watched press conferences on television as the corona pandemic began.

That gave rise to an epic idea.

- I paid attention to how Sanna Marin spoke and started imitating.

Did not come to mind at the beginning that I look like he, Melina tells Me to women.

- Sanna Marini has a great way to talk.

He is a really matter-of-fact and brilliant Prime Minister with all due respect.

Melina and her roommate were supposed to have housewarming parties on May Day, but they were canceled due to the pandemic.

That’s when the idea arose that it would be nice to let friends know about the cancellation of a party in some fun way, even though the cancellation was annoying.

- I figured out that I would make a press conference for the video, where I would tell the unfortunate news that the May Day pairs had been canceled.

I did a dice makeover, filmed the video and put it on the housewarming Facebook event.

Got good feedback that was amusingly done.

In the summer, Melina was excited to make more videos.

He acquired contact lenses, and “created the whole look,” that is, the prime minister’s makeup, not forgetting the black clothes.

- I have dark brown eyes.

Contact lenses are an important part of the whole.

Now Melina has made eight Sanna Marin-themed videos for Tiktok.

She has received good feedback on them, but the video discussion threads also go through whether Sanna Mar is a good prime minister.

Svenska Yle interviewed Melina this week about her Tiktokvideo.

The interview with the boy adds good feedback, but also a new video for Tiktok and Instagram.

It adds credibility to YLE's microphone.

- The video with the most views has been seen by 115,000 people, and about 10,000 likes the video.

In the future, Melina plans to continue her hobby, but perhaps also develop some other characters.

As a civilian, he works for Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund, which monitors the interests and rights of Finnish-Swedish students.

There he serves as a spokesman and political expert.

- In the future, I would possibly want expert positions for the state or the organization side.

But the graduate has yet to make a roll, Melina says.