Dissatisfied reactions were issued in Italy to the joint statement issued the day before yesterday by the Egyptian prosecution and its Italian counterpart regarding the murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Cairo 4 years ago.

In the statement, the Italian prosecution announced its intention to end the investigations into the incident, as it suspects 5 members of the Egyptian security services, individually and without any connection to any Egyptian government agencies or institutions, and that it is about to present this suspicion to the preliminary investigation judge in Rome.

The first reactions came from the parents of the murdered student Paula and Claudio Regeni, who said in a statement published in their name by lawyer Alessandra Ballerini, “We appreciate the determination of the Italian public prosecutor and his determination to close the investigations, without confusion or confusion, in light of the continuous misinformation, endless procrastination and absence of answers from Before the Egyptian side, which can only be described as a disgrace. "

The victim’s parents ’statement stated that cooperation“ was deliberately absent from the Egyptian regime, as well as continuing to fail to respond to the judicial rogatory issued on April 29, 2019, and no one wanted to give us the residence of the five accused from the Egyptian National Security Agency. ”

Preserving dignity

Regeni’s family’s lawyer said in a statement, “We need an indicator that preserves our dignity. A regime cannot inflict all the world's evil on one of our citizens, and we are continuing our friendship with them without the slightest punishment.”

"We owe it to Julio Regeni, and every Giulio and Julia has another waiting for truth and justice," Ballerini added, calling on the Italian government to withdraw its ambassador from Cairo immediately.

The mother of the dead Italian student accuses the Egyptian authorities of procrastinating and not cooperating to reveal the truth (Reuters)

European parliamentarian Jerfrancesco Majorino - of the Democratic Party in Italy - commented on what was issued by the public prosecutors in the two countries, and he said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net, "for the umpteenth time, and despite the work done by the Attorney General's office in Rome, Egypt is angering Italy about Giulio Regeni." .

Majorino, one of the most prominent Italian political figures defending the case of Regeni, made his call to spend his country on "the necessity of achieving justice in the file of a (soul) that has been lost."

Regeni, 28, disappeared in January 2016 in the Egyptian capital, and his body was found about a week later, and an examination of the body showed that he had been tortured before his death.

The Italian politician stressed the need for the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to summon the ambassador from Egypt, at the request of Regeni's parents and their lawyer, adding that "it would be the best reaction as we have been calling for that for some time."

Researchers Association

Since the dead man was a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, the National Society of Doctors and University Researchers in Italy interacted with what was issued by the Public Prosecution Office in Egypt and Italy. Researchers in Italy, we want to show our deep closeness to the search for the historical and political truth about what happened to Julio, because he was one of us, he was a doctoral student.

Regarding the course of the investigation, Luca mentioned that he and his colleagues were at the disposal of the parliamentary fact-finding committee. He said, “We have been investigated into Regeni's death, because we believe that her work will help present the truth to the student’s family, and indeed to the entire community, including us PhD students and holders of it. In Italy".

The same spokesman added that he, accompanied by his colleagues, tried to draw the attention of the parliamentary investigation committee to "the critical matters that arise when a student conducts field research abroad in certain contexts with an authoritarian dimension," adding that there is a complete failure "in respecting the rule of law rules on the part of the political decision maker."

The President of the National Association of Doctor Students and University Researchers believes that “the one who is about to conduct research in contexts of this kind faces politically the need to balance and reconcile his academic freedom, on the one hand, to search for what he believes in, and on the other hand, his safety and the work he does, that is, to ensure the implementation of the work. Research securely on the life of the researcher himself. "