Unlimited debate that continued at the National Assembly, the filibuster suddenly stopped at the dawn of today (12th).

This is when a member of the lawmaker who participated in the debate became known that he had contacted a confirmed coronavirus.

This is Park Sang-jin.


Unlimited debate by the opposition parties on the amendment to the National Intelligence Service Act, the filibuster continued until dawn.

[Hee-sook Yoon/Representative Power of the People: It feels like the state is


up' to individuals.]

[Hyung Ki/Democratic Party Member: The focus is on overcoming the corona and our efforts to improve the economic situation...


However, at around 4:12 a.m., a member of the lawmaker who participated in the discussion yesterday became known as a member of the coronavirus and became a regular meeting in terms of quarantine.

Rep. Hee-sook Yoon, the power of the people, who spoke up to the end of the meeting, held 12 hours and 47 minutes, breaking the record for the longest personal speech since the introduction of the filibuster in 2012.

There were also controversial remarks during the discussion.

This remark on strengthening the punishment of sexual violence crimes,

[Kim Woong/People's Strength Congressman: Sexual violence crime is driven by impulse, and in the case of (stress or) unnecessary infringement, it is the same as continuing to stab a hungry beast from the side like this. .] It

was criticized for being inferior and uncomfortable, but Congressman Kim had to clarify that it was the intention that fundamental measures such as psychotherapy should be carried out in parallel.

One ruling party lawmaker called the media as a way to join the prosecution reform, citing several media companies and ordered the withdrawal of the legal reporters group.

[Hong Ik-pyo/Democratic Party Member: (Prosecutors' Reform) Show your will.

With that (withdrawal from the legal reporters).

Do it first from what we trust and call it a progressive media, and public broadcasting.]

The power of the people criticized "Can you threaten the press to become the trumpet of the regime? The idea of ​​dictatorship."