Berkane Makhlouf denied on Friday before the Rhône assizes any violence against Fiona, who died in 2013, saying he was "sickened" by the accusations launched the day before by the mother of the girl, Cécile Bourgeon.

Berkane Makhlouf was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment at first instance for causing fatal blows to the 5-year-old girl.

"I have never hit Fiona in my life": Berkane Makhlouf denied on Friday before the assizes of the Rhône any violence on Fiona, who died in 2013, saying he was "disgusted" by the accusations launched the day before by the mother of the girl.

Berkane Makhlouf, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment at first instance for having killed the 5-year-old girl, told the story of an episode of violence by Cécile Bourgeon on her daughter, a few hours before her death.

"Saturday night, I hear yelling in the room and Cécile shouts 'I'm fed up with you Fiona' and I saw Fiona's hair sticking to the side", he described. .


Fiona case: "I have never hit my children", defends Cécile Bourgeon

"She sent me to jail for things I didn't do"

"It is certain and certain, Fiona died in the night between Saturday evening and Sunday morning", that is to say on the night of May 11 to 12, 2013, conceded the accused, while the victim had been seen alive for the last time on Wednesday 7 May.

In the box, he recounted having discovered on "Sunday morning" a "nightmare": the girl was lying in her room "curled up on herself" and his attempts to revive her were in vain.

The couple will report the disappearance of Fiona on Sunday evening and make believe in a kidnapping in a park of Clermont-Ferrand.

Four months later, Fiona's mother will eventually confess that her daughter died after a fatal blow she claimed was struck by her ex-boyfriend and that they buried her in a wooded area.

The body has never been found.

The scenario of the kidnapping was scaffolded by Cécile Bourgeon, supported Berkane Makhlouf, saying to have "the impression that the hold was reversed", echoing the words spoken the day before by his co-accused, who had mentioned "the hold "of the latter on her.

"She sent me to prison for things that I did not do", he again denounced, explaining that at the time of his custody not "wanted to charge" the young woman in because of the feelings he had for her.

On the other hand, she told "everything and anything" on his account, according to him.

"If I knew where the body was, I would have shown where it was a long time ago"

Accused again by his former partner of having "hurt" the five-year-old girl, the 39-year-old said he was "disgusted", defending himself more vigorously than in previous trials and believing that Cécile Bourgeon wanted to "clear her customs" and "make her wear the hat".

"I am not innocent, we wandered the judiciary and a lot of people and he (Fiona's father) still does not know what happened to his kid," conceded the accused.

Advocate General Joël Sollier was surprised that Berkane Makhlouf had in his life committed "violence against many people in (his) entourage, including Cécile Bourgeon, except Fiona who died of her wounds".

The magistrate also noted that the two accused were "in disagreement on everything except on the conditions of the burial".

“I swear on my son B., if I knew where the body was, I would have shown where it was a long time ago,” he said.

Thursday, Cécile Bourgeon repeated that the body was buried "near the lake of Aydat", but the numerous searches in this sector were never successful.

Sentenced in 2016 at first instance to five years' imprisonment, Cécile Bourgeon appears free on appeal in Lyon, but she faces 30 years of criminal imprisonment for fatal blows to her daughter.

While the debates of this fourth trial are nearing their end, Berkane Makhlouf lamented: "It's a shame, the truth, we still do not have it".

The verdict is expected Wednesday.