The Taiwan Coast Guard has deployed a new patrol boat that can also carry anti-ship missiles.

In addition to cracking down on illegal activities at sea, the aim is to strengthen its ability to counter Chinese troops.

The newly deployed patrol vessel is a catamaran with a displacement of 760 tons and a total length of 65.4 meters, and can sail at high speeds of up to 80 km / h or more.

In addition to a high-pressure water discharge gun, it is equipped with a 20 mm cannon that can automatically track the target, and a multiple rocket that can catch the target even at night or in bad weather.

In addition, Taiwan has reserved space for 16 self-developed anti-ship missiles, and if the need arises, it will come under the command of the Navy to participate in the battle.

At a ceremony held in Kaohsiung in the south on the 11th, President Tsai Ing-wen said, "You can immediately switch to an important force when you need it. It will strengthen the law enforcement power of maritime security and further strengthen the defense power." I did.

Incidents such as Chinese ships illegally collecting sea sand occur frequently in the waters around Taiwan, and new patrol boats usually deal with such incidents and rescue of marine accidents, but President Cai said It also indicates its intention to strengthen its ability to counter the Chinese army, which is intensifying its military activities.

This is the first time such patrol vessels have been deployed in Taiwan, and we plan to increase the total number of patrol vessels of the same type to 12 by 2027.