Cécile Bourgeon, Fiona's mother, was heard more than 5 hours Thursday before the Rhône Assize Court.


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  • Judged on appeal with Berkane Makhlouf for the death of Fiona, Cécile Bourgeon was questioned on the facts on Thursday before the Rhone Assize Court.

  • The little girl's mother remained camped on her positions.

  • Despite the court's exhortation to tell the truth, she did not state how Fiona died or where she is buried.

At the assize court of the Rhône, in Lyon

" I do not know ".

This is the sentence most often pronounced by Cécile Bourgeon during her questioning on Thursday before the assizes of the Rhône.

Fiona's mother was cooked extensively to find out how her little girl was killed.

And where his body was today.

More than five hours during which the accused did not falter.

True to his line of defense.

Preferring to victimize himself and put the blame on his ex-companion Berkane Makhlouf.

The president of the court tried hard to confront her with her contradictions.

But nothing.

Each time, the same answer: "I don't know".

" Why would I lie ?

», Defends the mother.

"Oh, you've already lied so much," sighs wearily Eric Chalbos, responsible for leading the interrogation.

"You bury him like an animal"

In a robotic but firm or even scathing tone, the man repeatedly emphasizes the ineptitude of his statements.

Urges him to speak.

Then pushes it to its limits to awaken the flame of maternal instinct: “Why have you buried your child naked?

You are his mother.

You could have improvised a burial so that there is a minimum of decency.

But there, you bury him like an animal, according to what you say ”.

Not enough to startle the person concerned, who assumes before the jurors, her choices devoid of sensitivity.

"A misguided mind may think that you had an interest in not finding Fiona's body, initially, in order to prevent forensic findings," continues Eric Chalbos.

Seven and a half years later, only traces of fractures could still be found on the corpse.

Isn't that likely to tell us now where she is?

»Last unsuccessful attempt.

Me Friborg, Fiona's father's lawyer, then takes over to corner Cécile Bourgeon.

“It is important for Nicolas Chafoulais to know under what conditions Fiona died.

We have been trying for four trials to get answers.

And each time, we find ourselves with the same disappointment.

For the last time, can you tell us the truth?


Silence of the accused.

The lawyer insists: “He wants and has the right to know.

It's his father !

Please stop giving us your stories for once.

For once, assume ”.

"A mother's heart, doesn't it tear itself apart?"


The lawyer's plea will have no effect.

“Excuse me, I understand.

But I assure you that I cannot tell you anything other than what I have already said, ”retorts the mother of the family confidently.

“I have the impression that you haven't said everything, that you still have things to say.

Am I wrong ?

», Tries Me Crespin.

Same disillusionment at the exit.

Cécile Bourgeon maintains: “I have said everything I have to say.

We try to show that we did not bury it, but it is the truth ”.

So the Advocate General in turn tries.

“You had alerts, your consciousness was not in total darkness.

Doesn't a mother's heart tear apart?

“Asks Joël Sollier, visibly convinced of the joint responsibility of the two accused in the tragedy that occurred in 2013.

"I don't know if you can feel the image you are sending back"

At the end of the evening, Renaud Portejoie, lawyer for Cécile Bourgeon, shoots the last card.

"I have been urging you for seven years to say where Fiona is."

For her, as for you, ”he addresses his client, convinced that the absence of a body, and therefore“ emptiness feeds the fantasy ”.

And drive the point home: “You seem to weigh every word.

We don't have the impression that there are spontaneous responses from you.

I don't know if you can feel the image you are sending back.


However, the accused will consent to say a few words.

For his daughter this time.

"I want to apologize to her for leaving her like this, for not having known how to protect her."

Cécile Bourgeon and her co-accused face 30 years of criminal imprisonment.

The verdict is expected on December 16.


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