Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, is considered an all-time bodybuilder, a true pioneer and a phenomenon.

He is the idol of many young and a little older gym enthusiasts.

The Austrian-born bouquet won the prestigious Mr. Olympia bodybuilding title as many as seven times.

However, Schwarzenegger also had his own role model;

the legendary Chet Yorton.

He was known as the father of natural bodybuilding.

Yorton died on November 21 at the age of 81.

Schzarzenegger honored his idol on Twitter a couple of weeks after that.

- Chet Yorton was a legend.

He beat me in the 1966 Mr. Universe races when I was 19. It inspired me to get better, but he should remember a lot more than just that.

He was a great father and spread the good news of health to millions.

Yorton's daughter Shannan said she lost both parents on the same day.

Chet died of a heart attack after seeing his wife Vicky dead.