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However, if you are considering buying or replacing your controller, you will have a choice.

Wired or wireless models, official Microsoft controllers or alternatives offered by other brands… This buying guide will help you find the best controller for your Xbox Serie X.

Everything you need to know before buying a controller for Xbox Serie X

What is the autonomy of a controller battery for Xbox Serie X?

Xbox controllers have batteries.

These can be replaced by a rechargeable battery (optional) whose autonomy is of the order of several tens of hours.

These devices can be recharged by cable or via a dedicated dock.

If Microsoft's controllers come with a battery, it is also possible to find them from other brands.

What other devices are compatible with my Xbox Series X controller?

Microsoft has confirmed that the new generation controllers will be compatible with both the S Series and the X Series. They are also backward compatible and can therefore be used on older Xbox One.

Controllers sold by other brands, on the other hand, may have different compatibility.

It will therefore be necessary to inquire on a case by case basis.

What is the Share button?

The Share button is a new button that Microsoft has added for the latest generation controllers.

It makes it easier to share screenshots or videos on social networks.

This key could be absent from the controllers sold by other brands, making it a potential criterion of choice.

The selection of the best controllers for Xbox Serie X of the moment

Microsoft Xbox Carbon Black: the essential wireless Xbox Serie X controller

Microsoft Xbox Carbon Black - DR

Delivered with the Microsoft console, the manufacturer's official controller remains the most suitable for the device.

With this wireless format, the Carbon Black-finished controller can operate on batteries or on battery power (optional).

If its autonomy is therefore variable, it will be sufficient in both cases to last for long afternoons of play. The device also includes a non-slip coating, as well as a directional cross revised compared to the old generation.

A 3.5 mm jack socket allows you to connect headphones.

The pros and cons of the Microsoft Xbox Carbon Black controller:

Most :

  • A grip provided for the console.

  • Non-slip surface.

  • With 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Available on battery or battery.

The lessers :

  • A fairly massive device.

Get the Xbox Carbon Black here

Microsoft Xbox Robot White: the controller for Xbox Serie X while sober

Microsoft Xbox Robot White - DR

The brand has also declined its controller in different colors.

The device can thus be blue or red for example, but also be personalized with the colors of the last game of the moment.

Everyone can therefore choose the controller according to their own universe, or according to the color of their console.

Whatever color is chosen, the controller will retain the advantages of the standard version, whether in terms of design or autonomy.

The pros and cons of the Microsoft Xbox Robot White controller:

Most :

  • Compatibility with Serie X and S consoles.

  • A design always studied.

  • Customizable according to a specific universe.

  • Other colors are available.

The lessers :

  • The optional battery.

Get the Xbox Robot White here

PowerA: the Xbox Serie X controller with a 3-meter cable

PowerA - DR

As for third-party controllers, this selection has an alternative to good value for money.

The PowerA controller has a USB cable with a length of 3 meters.

This will be sufficient to charge the device and continue playing while staying a good distance from the screen.

The PowerA is made under an official license, and it has the Share button that can be found on recent models from Microsoft.

The pros and cons of the PowerA controller:

Most :

  • Very good value for money.

  • The correct length of the USB cable.

  • Integrated Share button.

  • Official controller.

The lessers :

  • The smooth directional cross, more delicate to use.

Get the PowerA controller here

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition: the customizable Xbox Serie X controller

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition - DR

High-end controllers are also available for the Xbox Serie X. One of them is the Wolverine from Razer.

The controls in this Tournament Edition display a shorter response time, which gives the player an added advantage.

Its controls are also programmable using the included Razer Synapse software, allowing everyone to adopt their own strategy.

And using Razer Chroma, Wolverine colors can also be chosen.

The pros and cons of the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition controller:

Most :

  • Programmable controls.

  • Razer Synapse and Razer Chroma compatible.

  • PC compatible.

  • Extremely efficient response time.

The lessers :

  • A higher price.

Get the Razer Wolverine here

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2: the high-end controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 - DR

Microsoft also offers a professional-grade Xbox controller.

The battery of the Elite Series 2 has an autonomy of around forty hours.

Its customization possibilities also go further.

In addition to the sensitivity settings, it is flexible: each element of the controller can be replaced or moved.

This way, gamers can have a controller to suit their own desires.

The pros and cons of the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller:

Most :

  • Manufacturing quality.

  • Modular and highly customizable.

  • 40 hours of autonomy.

  • PC compatible.

The lessers :

  • Price.

Get the Xbox Elite Series 2 here

The best controllers for Xbox Serie X can be modular, and create personalized profiles for each player.

To make your choice, take the time to consider the type of power supply (wired, battery-powered or battery-powered) and the autonomy of your controller.

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