Over three million packages were delivered last week, between November 30 and December 6, across the country.

The traces of Black Friday are now clearly visible, and Postnord describes the pressure as enormous.

About half a million packages are delivered daily to their agents.

Some of them end up with Nicklas Petterssons, employed at a grocery store in Gothenburg.

- It will be a lot of running.

I have been here for many years and now it is at least twice as much, he says.

"This is new"

At the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg, next door to the grocery store, they have tried to meet the supposedly hard December pressure by offering drive-through delivery of packages.

All to offer a corona-safe alternative for Christmas shopping.

When SVT Nyheter visits the fair, the parcel delivery shelves are empty.

- Today I handed out three packages, says Marie Ivkovic, an employee at the Swedish Fair.

- You have to make your own order when you order on e-commerce.

This is new to many people, says Jan Angelbäck, logistics manager at the Swedish Fair.

Start the clip in the player to see how calm it is at the drive-through delivery compared to the gender of the agent inside the store.