The superiority of Lionel Messin, 33, and Cristiano Ronaldo, 35, has been debated since the duo began dominating football fields more than a decade ago.

Given both goal balances, personal prizes, and success at the club and national team level, it is almost impossible to name a winner.

The players themselves also seem to keep the setup flat.

They have great respect for each other and don’t see comparison as important in any way.

- I have always had a friendly relationship with Messi.

I’ve never experienced him as an enemy, Ronaldo told Movistar after the duo met on Tuesday in the Champions League.

Juventus beat Barcelona 3-0.

Ronaldo scored two goals.

Recently, the Portuguese have been able to take a neck loop from his opponent, as Barcelona, ​​represented by Mess, is badly in contact.

This is also recognized by Ronaldo’s older sister Elma Aveiro, 47, who published a drawing of her brother on Instagram to air the paint.

The title fan has kneeled to worship Messi himself.

- My king.

The best of all times.

The pride of my life, Aveiro wrote in connection with the picture.