The renowned American current affairs magazine Time has selected group BTS as'Celebrity of the Year'.

Time is local time yesterday (10th) "BTS is not only the most popular group on the music chart, but has become the largest band in the world." "BTS broke all kinds of records and reached the peak among pop stars. It went up."

Time appreciated that BTS achieved unprecedented success by constantly communicating with fans in the era of Corona 19.

Time said, "The bond between BTS and the fan club'Army' has grown deeper," and "During a year of frustration (corona spread), the world stopped and most other celebrities failed, but BTS did the job."

He added, "BTS' outstanding success shows changes in fandom and popular music consumption," he said. "BTS is a research case in which personal relationships (between groups and fans) dominated even the music industry."

The Associated Press reported that BTS was selected as'Celebrity of the Year', and said, "BTS showed a huge global presence during the coronavirus pandemic, including supporting movements such as'Black lives are also precious' with fans." .

Bulletproof Boy Scouts expressed their confidence in future activities, saying that they will become a group that can give fans comfort and relief.

As BTS was selected as'Celebrity of the Year' by the Times magazine, there are observations that it will have a positive effect on winning the Grammy Award.

On the 24th of last month, BTS was nominated for the'Best Pop Duo Group Performance' of the 63rd'Grammy Awards', the first Korean pop music singer to award the most prestigious music in the United States.

The awards ceremony will be held on January 31 of next year.

(Photo = Time magazine Twitter capture, Yonhap News)