The story of an Indian couple who was confirmed by Corona 19 just before the wedding ceremony and finally put on protective clothing is a hot topic.

On the 8th (local time), according to CNN broadcasts, on the 6th, a man and woman in blue protective suits had a wedding ceremony in the yard of a corona 19 quarantine facility in Rajasthan in northwest India.

They exchanged garlands with white gloved hands under a temporary red canopy.

The priest who reads Hindu scriptures to the couple also wore white full-body protective clothing.

CNN described him as "looking like an astronaut."

There were only 4 fathers of the bridegroom, the bride, the priest, and the bride in the'feast'.

Immediately after the wedding, the bride and groom were isolated inside the facility.

The reason they had no choice but to marry was because the bride was confirmed by Corona 19 hours before the wedding.

Local health officials explained, "After discussions with the families of both sides, we decided to conduct a simple wedding in a quarantine facility."

The groom told the British Daily Independent, "I didn't even dream that I would be married in protective clothing," and "I am happy to be married despite difficulties, but I am worried about my wife's health."

He explained that the wedding had been prepared for more than a year, but because of the government's blockade, it had already been postponed once and rescheduled to the day.

Some guests added that they turned around after hearing that the bride was confirmed.

The groom mourned, "When my wife received the test result, she felt so painful." "My dream was to marry in front of my family like any other girl in red traditional robes."

According to the statistics of World Omometer, an international statistics site, the cumulative corona19 confirmed in India as of now is 9.75,975, the second largest in the world after the United States.

(Photo = Reuters, Yonhap News)