- You have no idea how many girls we sacrificed to honor killings on the politically correct altar precisely because you were not allowed to talk about it, says teacher Maria Selin Fjällström from Luleå.

The high school teacher from Luleå thinks that it has become legitimate to work against honor violence and oppression - but that there is an incredible amount left to do.

New knowledge center

Some time ago, Norrbotten was appointed together with three other counties in Sweden, where the county administrative board will build a competence center to increase knowledge about honor killings and oppression.

Something that the high school teacher believes can be a step towards increased knowledge and change of attitudes.

The lid on

- After the honor killing of Fadime, the lid was put on and what is needed now is more education.

How else should the teachers know how to access this and what follow-up questions to ask the students when you suspect that someone is exposed to this, because I think many are afraid of making mistakes, says Maria Selin Fjällström.

In the clip, you hear the teacher talk about society's and students' reactions to her working with honor-related issues at school.