China News Agency, Brussels, December 8th (Reporter De Yongjian) The EU-UK Joint Commission issued a joint statement on the 8th, announcing that the two sides have reached an agreement on the issue of Northern Ireland, a major problem in the UK’s “Brexit”. Accordingly, the UK will withdraw and trigger the EU The terms of the Northern Ireland Act, which are strongly dissatisfied, are still handled in accordance with the EU-UK "Brexit" agreement.

  The statement refers to the meeting between the Vice-President of the European Commission Sevcovic and Gove, Secretary of the British Cabinet Office, on the 7th to confirm that Europe and the United Kingdom have reached a principled agreement on the Northern Ireland issue.

According to the "Brexit" agreement, after the UK ends the transitional period and officially "Brexit" on the 31st of this month, Northern Ireland will remain in the EU single market and comply with EU regulations to avoid a "hard border" between Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland. Endanger the peace and stability of Ireland.

  The statement shows that the principled agreement reached by the EU and the UK involves all aspects of Northern Ireland issues, such as the EU’s implementation of border inspection and customs duties in Northern Ireland after the UK’s “Brexit”, to determine whether goods shipped from the UK’s mainland to Northern Ireland are “risky” "The issue of standards for entering the EU market, and the issue of the EU’s "Prohibition of State Aid" clause exempting British agricultural and fishery subsidies. The two sides also finalized the list of candidates for the chairman of the arbitration committee established in accordance with the dispute settlement mechanism to ensure that the arbitration committee "brides" After running smoothly.

  In addition, the agreement also covers issues such as export declaration, drug supply, supermarket frozen meat and other food supplies, entry and exit inspection and quarantine of animals, plants and their derivatives, and the application of the EU’s “Prohibition of State Aid” clauses after Brexit. Clarification was made.

  The statement stated that in view of the agreement between the two parties on the Northern Ireland issue, the United Kingdom will withdraw the Northern Ireland clauses of the Internal Market Act and will not introduce similar clauses in the tax bill.

  Since the start of the "Brexit" process in the UK, the issue of Northern Ireland has been very difficult.

In September this year, the British government announced the "Internal Market Act", claiming that if the bill's Northern Ireland clauses conflict with the "Brexit" agreement reached by Europe and Britain in October last year, the British government will follow the bill's terms and the EU immediately criticized the UK's intentions. Putting domestic bills over the "Brexit" agreement severely undermined international law and mutual trust between Europe and Britain.

  An agreement on the issue of Northern Ireland was reached on the 8th, which cleared a major obstacle to the formal “Brexit” of the UK’s end of the transition period on the 31st of this month. However, the current EU-UK negotiations on future relations with economic and trade issues as the core are still deadlocked, as time is left. Very few, the negotiating teams of the two sides have intensively negotiated for nearly a week, hoping to make breakthroughs on the three key issues of fair competition, governance and fisheries as soon as possible.