Canada's defense minister, who has been monitoring North Korea's smuggling at sea in collaboration with Japanese defense authorities, responded to an interview with NHK, keeping in mind China, which continues to unilaterally advance into the ocean, in addition to North Korea. He expressed his hope for defense cooperation with Japan for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Canadian Army has been working with Japanese defense authorities for two months until last month to guard and monitor the so-called "ship-to-ship", in which North Korean ships transship coal and other items at sea in violation of UN sanctions. I did it.

In an interview with NHK online on the 7th, Canada's Defense Minister Sajan said, "We are constantly discovering and reporting to the United Nations," emphasizing the significance of monitoring ship-to-ship.

On top of that, Defense Minister Sajan said, "The only way to solve the North Korean issue and the issue related to the rule of law is to work together with the countries concerned. I look forward to strengthening defense cooperation with Japan." It was.

Defense Minister Sajan expressed his hope for strengthening defense cooperation with Japan toward peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region based on law and order, with China's advance into the ocean in mind, in addition to the violation of sanctions by North Korea. is.