There is growing concern that the Bangladeshi government has implemented a plan to move the Rohingya minority Muslims who fled neighboring Myanmar to an uninhabited island this month.

International human rights groups have called for the plan to be suspended, citing issues with the island's security and confirmation of forced transfers.

In Bangladesh, about 860,000 Rohingya people who fled neighboring Myanmar live in refugee camps, but the government plans to move 100,000 to an uninhabited island off the Bay of Bengal due to overcrowding and other reasons. On the 4th, as the first step, about 1,600 people were transferred by ship.

Regarding this plan, the government has emphasized that the island is safe with housing, but the United Nations and human rights groups have analyzed by experts that the entire island may be submerged in the event of a cyclone. Has expressed concern that there is a problem with.

Human Rights Watch, an international human rights group, said it was "threatening the authorities to go" after examining some of the families who were transferred. On the contrary, he pointed out that he was forced to transfer and demanded that the entire plan be stopped.

Concerns have been heightened regarding the transfer, as UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also said, "It must be decided on a voluntary basis."