US Secretary of State Stephen Vegan and Special Representative to North Korea will be visiting Korea for four days starting tomorrow (8th).

In a press release, the US State Department said in a press release that Secretary of State Vegan will meet with South Korean officials during his visit to Korea to "discuss a common commitment to security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region and a ROK-US alliance."

The State Department also added that Veegan will discuss ways to coordinate closely with the South Korean side on the North Korean issue.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also released a press release, and announced that Vice Minister Vegan will visit Korea at the invitation of First Vice Minister Choi Jong-Geon to hold high-level discussions with the US.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that Vice Minister Vegan will hold talks with Vice Minister Choi Jong-Geon the day after tomorrow, followed by discussions with Lee Do-hoon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Bargaining Headquarters.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha will invite Veegan to a dinner on the 11th.

Deputy Minister Vegan, who has overseen working-level negotiations with North Korea in the Trump administration, is in fact his last visit to Korea.

As President Trump's term of office ends on January 20 next year, this visit is expected to focus on managing the stable situation on the Korean peninsula during the transition of the US regime rather than sending a message to breakthrough negotiations with the US.

In particular, discussions between the ROK and US authorities are expected to proceed, keeping in mind that North Korea, which has convened the 8th Labor Party Congress in January next year, may take steps to press against the United States in line with the launch of the Joe Biden administration.

Deputy Minister Vegan served as Special Representative to North Korea in August 2018, and while being promoted to Deputy Secretary of State in December last year, he did not give up the title of Special Representative to North Korea.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)