The maritime rescue operation off the coast of Varissa Island in Kotka happily ended about a quarter to ten on Saturday evening.

All nine people were rescued from a motorboat that had run aground.

According to previous information, the boat would have had 10-11 people, but that was not the case.

It was a small motor boat of the Kulkuri 31 type.

The first three people were rescued by boats, the remaining six by helicopter to win them up.

Personal injuries were avoided.

People just froze.

The boat got stuck in a rock.

- The Russian stayed there.

Time will tell, Will it stay there rock solid or will it come loose in this wind and sink somewhere.

It is not possible to say at this stage what will happen to it, the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard will tell IS.

Helicopter in the dark sea late Saturday night. Photo: Mikko-Pekka Purho / Reader's photo

Photo: Mikko-Pekka Purho

According to eyewitnesses, there was a strong wind at the scene.

- It's a pretty strong wind here, Kari Jalkanen, who followed the situation from the beach, told IS earlier on Saturday.

- There is a blue and red light, Jalkanen continued.

According to Mikko-Pekka Purho, “a lot of ambulances” went to the nearby port.

According to Purho, the accident site is located between Varissaari and Mussalo harbor.

The reader's picture shows a helicopter and boats at the scene of the accident. Photo: Mikko-Pekka Purho / Reader's picture

Photo: Mikko-Pekka Purho

He says he has driven the boat several times past the scene of the accident.

According to him, there is a big rock at the scene of the accident that at least all the “eagle boaters” at least know.

According to him, the stone is marked on the nautical chart.

- It's not, so to speak, a hidden stone.

The bow of the boat is visible at the edge of the stone.

- Now, of course, the wind is pretty strong.

It is not known how it has affected visibility, and whether that stone has since been seen, Purho says.

Image: Reader image

The Rescue Department received a report of the accident at midnight on Saturday night.

The Rescue Department classified the task as large.

A dozen rescue units took part in the operation.

Coast Guard and first aid units were also involved.