China News Service, December 5th. According to Kyodo News, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo on the 4th. The Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Mori Yoshiro, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, and the Japanese Olympic Games Aohashimoto Seiko were held in Tokyo on the 4th During the meeting, an agreement was reached on the total newly incurred expenses of approximately 294 billion yen (approximately RMB 18.5 billion).

  With the postponement of the Olympics until next summer, the additional expenditure is 198 billion yen, and the new crown countermeasures for testing and other aspects are 96 billion yen.

In addition, it was confirmed that Tokyo will be responsible for about 120 billion yen, the Japanese government will be responsible for about 71 billion yen, and the Olympic Organizing Committee will be responsible for about 103 billion yen, including 27 billion yen that has been included in the budget.

Up to now, the total funding for the Olympic Games has reached 1.644 trillion yen.

  Among them, the additional funds are the costs of re-securing venues and labor costs that accompany the delay. The Olympic Organizing Committee bears 103 billion yen, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japanese government bear 80 billion yen and 15 billion yen respectively.

The Japanese government will bear a quarter of the funding for the Paralympics.

The Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government bear 56 billion yen and 40 billion yen respectively for the new crown countermeasures. The Olympic Organizing Committee does not bear it.

  According to the original plan, the funding before the postponement was 1.35 trillion yen, including 603 billion yen for the Olympic Organizing Committee, 597 billion yen for Tokyo, and 150 billion yen for the central government.

On this basis, an additional 294 billion yen was added.

  According to the documents of the tripartite agreement, based on the mid-term combing content summarized by the government-led COVID-19 response coordination meeting, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the central government will each bear half of the COVID-19 response funds.

Among them, it is said that the central government will fully cover the expenses such as improving the testing system for athletes and the "Infectious Disease Control Center" established by the Olympic Organizing Committee.

  Regarding the additional expenditure of 76 billion yen in addition to the 27 billion yen in reserve costs, the Olympic Organizing Committee secured financial resources through additional sponsorship by sponsors and property insurance payments to prevent unexpected events.

After the meeting, Yoshiro Mori emphasized that he has sorted out the way of sharing responsibilities and burdens, and said that "I hope you all understand."