In the second episode of the Naked Attraction Finland series, Erno, who lives in Oulu, is looking for a dating partner in an exceptional way.

Originally from Sodankylä, the young man is a chef who enjoys hunting, fishing and music.

In the Naked Attraction Finland series, Erno is looking for a life partner with whom you could share an ordinary everyday life and who would have the same interests.

What makes it exceptional is that he meets five singles naked and chooses a dating partner for himself based on their appearance.

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Erno is you with his body and he doesn’t mind showing himself naked in front of others.

He says he is the first to pay attention to the face and eyes in a woman, but also admits to being a “bartender” who inspects a woman’s buttocks whenever the opportunity arises.

When five naked female bodies appear in front of Erno in the novelty program, she is bewildered by what she sees.

- Let's look around in peace.

Now you get permission to watch, the presenter of the program, a special level sexual therapist Marja Kihlström encourages.

Erno's eyebrows rise and he looks at the women with interest.

- You won't meet this on weekdays.

Pretty nice situation like this, he squeaks.

Erno looks at single women attentively.

In the end, he has to choose one of them as his dating partner.

Both Erno and TV viewers see everything, as intimate areas, buttocks or breasts are not censored in the Naked Attraction program.

All bodies are displayed as they are, near and far, without the filters or flattering poses familiar from the some.

The series includes different bodies and ordinary Finns.

The series also shows close-ups of the genitals and breasts.

In the second episode of the series, Marja Kihlström asks Erno, who looks at women's naked bodies, if she would be interested in seeing their buttocks as well.

- You don't even have to ask that.

Of course I want to see him respond immediately.

The women turn around and Enno's eyes shine with enthusiasm.

- Ooo!

Hard to stay that far, he breathes.

In the next step, women will also be exposed to their naked upper bodies.

Kihlström asks Erno what he might be the first to see in them.

- Of course, Tissy thinks so.

You can't get over it or around it, the man shakes straight.

Erno praises the bodies of all five women as very beautiful.

According to Erno, the size of the breasts is not very important to her, but more important is how the woman carries them.

- Yes, I think all breasts are beautiful and wonderful.

- It's hard to keep your hands off from here when you look, Erno wonders, analyzing the first girl's breasts.

The next woman gets excited about waving her breasts and Ernon finds it hard to stay in her pants.

He blows and taps with his mouth.

- We now know the things that work, Erno tans.

- Wordless almost pull in between.

Keeps skartapa, he notes at third.

When women’s faces are revealed, Erno is still in distress for their beauty.

- This thing is going to be difficult.

This is going to be terribly difficult.

I have to pinch whether I'm really awake.

If the consciousness leaves, then you can get upright then, he notes to the cameras.

According to the rules of the series, in the end, Erno, too, must undress and show up naked for the two single women of her choice.

- Nice to finally see you naked too, one of the women says.

- As a shy Finn, however, in principle I first have to look closely in the eyes.

Morally, as if it were in the sauna, not to swim too much, but mm-m, he continues.

At the end of each Naked Attraction episode, a date is seen where the protagonist of the episode and the single of his choice meet for the first time with the clothes on and get to know each other.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed how the dates went and whether there was a spark between the couple.

Naked Attraction Finland two episodes on Fridays in the Dplay + service.