The election campaign of the outgoing US President Donald Trump announced its intention to continue the legal path that challenges the results of the counting processes in two counties in Wisconsin, while President-elect Joe Biden expressed his hope to find compromises with the Republicans, amid concerns about Trump's efforts to campaign for the two Republican members of the House of Representatives Elders.

The Trump campaign confirmed that it will file the appeal with a state appeals court.

This came after the Supreme Court in Wisconsin refused to hear a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump's campaign over allegations of fraud in the presidential election, which was won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court said the Trump campaign should first take its case in lower courts before the Supreme Court.

Court judges in several swing states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania have previously dismissed Trump's allegations of widespread fraud and irregularities marred by the electoral process.

The Republican Party asked the US Supreme Court to issue an urgent order to stop the procedures for ratifying the election results in Pennsylvania, one of the states that favored Biden.

The Republicans' request came after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected, on Saturday, Trump's campaign stabbing lawsuit by mail, which was a decisive factor in the Democratic candidate's victory in the election.

Joe Biden won about 306 votes in the electoral college, compared to 232 votes for Trump, exceeding the required number of electoral college votes to win the presidency, which is at least 270 votes.


The US President-elect Joe Biden expressed his confidence in the possibility of finding compromises with the Republicans on several issues, despite his awareness that this would be difficult.

Biden also revealed in an interview with CNN that Republican members of the Senate are calling him secretly to congratulate him on his victory, but their fear of opposing the president who denies the election result puts them in a difficult situation that does not allow them to congratulate him publicly.

Biden said that Trump's attendance at his inauguration ceremony next month "does not matter to him on a personal level."

Biden said, "I think that his presence will be important from the perspective that we put an end to this chaos that he created .. As for me it does not matter, but that happens shows a peaceful transfer of power between competing parties standing together, greeting each other and moving forward. The image we present to the world is what we present. I am most concerned about the impact this has on local politics. "

The American network "NBC" (NBC) quoted 3 sources as saying that President Trump is considering absent from Biden's inauguration ceremony and announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections on the same day, and the channel added that Trump does not intend to contact his successor, or invite him to visit the house. the White.


These developments came as Trump prepares to enter the campaign line for two Republican senators seeking to retain their seats in crucial elections in Georgia, amid concern among Republicans.

Although the question remains speculation, the outgoing president's recent erratic behavior and his refusal to acknowledge his electoral defeat made some party officials uneasy.

The elections for the Senate on January 5 are of great importance, because they will determine who will control the House, and thus shape the first days of Joe Biden's presidency.

If the two Republicans lose their two seats, the House will be divided equally (50-50) between the two parties, which means that Vice President Kamala Harris will decide the outcome of the vote as stipulated by the constitution.

Since the November 3 elections, which Biden won, Trump has accumulated a reprimand and questioning of the American electoral system, all without providing any evidence of fraud.

Despite a number of disappointing results in the courts, the 74-year-old president has not changed his tone for a month.

Despite these statements, observers say he is not in a good position to urge Georgians to come out massively in support of Republican senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue.

Trump will nevertheless travel to Vladosta, in the south of the state, on Saturday, where Biden won by nearly 13,000 votes.

Some close to Trump fear that voters will stay home because they think the elections are a sham, or even refuse to vote for two Republican senators, arguing that they have not made enough efforts to support the supreme leader in his quest for victory.

Lyn Wood, a member of Trump's attorneys team who brought complaints in Georgia to challenge Biden's victory, said he would not vote in "another rigged election with fraudulent voting machines and bogus postal ballots."