The forbidden Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir is gaining popularity in the Hanseatic city, according to the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

If there were 220 supporters in 2018 and around 250 supporters of German or Afghan and Turkish origin last year, the “Liberation Party” would now count around 300 people, said Marco Haase, spokesman for the protection of the constitution.

Reasons are the general influx of people into the scene and the clarification of the dark field by the protection of the constitution.

In total, there were currently 1660 people in Hamburg on the Islamist spectrum, to which the new group “Muslim Interactive” also belonged.

This is presented on social media, currently has almost 4,000 subscribers on Instagram and the target group is primarily young Muslims living in Germany.

The group of supporters for the actions staged by the media is around 100 people, said Haase.

According to the intelligence of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the organizers and supporters of the actions come from Hamburg, at least the videos are mostly staged in front of a Hamburg backdrop.

The language used in the films shows clear parallels to the networks “Generation Islam” (GI) and “Reality Islam”, which in turn can be assigned to the ideological environment of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

“Muslim Interaktiv” was noticed, among other things, by protest actions in front of the Austrian and French embassies in Berlin and by a car parade in downtown Hamburg, all of which were subsequently distributed online.

Haase emphasized: "In actions and campaigns like this, it is not the issue of social grievances or the commitment of those affected for certain population groups that is problematic, but the misappropriation of important topics while concealing the actual intentions."


The Hizb ut-Tahrir - which emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood - advocates the use of violence as a means of achieving political goals, according to the prohibition order of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, spreads anti-Semitic propaganda and calls for the killing of Jews.

They strive for a worldwide caliphate and want the full introduction of the Sharia.

The 2003 ban on activities was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court in 2006.

The European Court of Human Rights rejected a lawsuit against it in 2012.

Recently, public demonstrations by Islamists in Hamburg caused a stir, by several groups in response to the murder of a Paris history teacher.