President Moon Jae-in and Mrs. Kim Jeong-suk invited major domestic donation and sharing organizations, as well as ambassadors and donors of each group to the Blue House to encourage them.

President Moon held a 2020 donation-sharing organization invitation event and donated money to 14 groups including the Salvation Army, Good Neighbors, and Social Welfare Community Chest, and held a conversation with 22 participants, including the group fundraising party and public relations ambassadors.

President Moon said that there are so many hidden heroes who practice sharing even in difficult situations due to Corona 19, and encouraged the attendees to be heroes who breathe with neighbors in need at the scene of sharing.

In addition, he said that the tradition of mutual mutual aid that the Korean people have in the midst of the difficulties of Corona 19 shined further. He said that we will go to neighbors who are worried about how they will fly this winter, and work together to encourage and help them.

(Photo = Yonhap News)