Janita Lukkarinen, 27, who has incurable cancer, has died, MTV reports.

Lukkarinen's relatives confirmed the grief news.

Lukkarinen is said to have died a week ago on November 27.

Lukkarinen, who had incurable cancer, was transferred to convalescent treatment at the beginning of January.

Lukkarinen told the social media at the time that he was taken by ambulance from the cancer ward to Terhokoti in Helsinki.

He spent the last months in convalescent care at his home.

Lukkarinen suffered from cancer for a couple of years.

He went public through reality TV shows.

Lukkarinen updated his Instagram account three weeks ago.

At the time, he published a picture of the hospital bed and thanked him for his support.

- Thank you all, you have been great, Lukkarinen wrote.

Lukkarinen told Ilta-Sanomat about his life with an incurable illness in September 2019. At that time, he said that he was suffering from severe pain, for which he already had to take nerve pain medications for convalescent patients at that time.

It had also been decided to discontinue cytostatic therapies.

- Getting out of bed is definitely not a matter of course for me.

Without medication, it would become nothing.

The pain is so holistic, Lukkarinen said.

Lukkarinen photographed in October 2018. Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

Lukkarinen was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2018 after strange symptoms had plagued him for months.

Eventually, it turned out that he had malignancies in his lungs, and later he learned that he had lymph node cancer that had spread to the stomach and small intestine, among other places.

The diagnosis was a shock, even if the doctor ravannut Lukkarinen was approximately half a year, and various types of throat symptoms due to respiratory tract.

- My head was full of questions: will I die here or Can I be healed?

What's happening now?

I lay on the hospital bed, held my mother's hand and said I was going to die, Lukkarinen recalled IS in the fall of 2018 the day she found out she was suffering from cancer.