A pro-democracy member of the legislative council, a parliament in Hong Kong, expressed his intention to asylum in Europe during his bail after being charged with interfering with parliamentary proceedings.

Hui Chi-fung, a pro-democracy member who opposes the government at the Hong Kong legislative council, said on his Facebook page on the 3rd during his visit to Denmark, "I will declare asylum and leave Hong Kong. I will be left behind. The means is to keep sending for Hong Kong. "

Mr. Xu is one of the members who resigned in protest when four pro-democracy members were disqualified last month based on a new decision in China.

He was on bail after being arrested and charged last month for interfering with the legislative proceedings and was visiting Denmark to attend the meeting.

Although the asylum destination has not been decided, he will call on the international community to support the Hong Kong democratization movement together with Hong Kong democratic activists operating in the United Kingdom.

In Hong Kong, many have been released on bail after pro-democracy activists and politicians have been prosecuted, but newspapers and others in support of the government have increasingly criticized judges for bail. There are also concerns that the number of cases in which judges will not grant bail will increase.