The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shooter game received a major update the night between Thursday and Friday, with new operation, game modes, maps, skins and features added to the game.

Some of the new features are hidden behind an operation pass costing around € 13.

By purchasing it, you can perform various tasks with rewards, new ways to track statistics, and a premium-class competitive mode where the map to be played is selected by removing the maps in turn.

You will receive 6 stars per week for completing mission tasks.

These can be used to unlock various rewards such as agent or weapon shells.

The update added dozens of new skins, new glove options, and agent layouts to the game.

Passport buyers get tasks by completing stars to unlock various rewards.

For many players, skins are the most interesting part of the updates.

The new maps are Ancient, Engage, Apollo, Frostbite, Guard and Elysion.

The first three are playable in practice, casual and deathmatch game modes.

Frostbite is an exclusive map of the Danger Zone survival game mode and Guard and Elysion were added to the Wingman doubles game mode.

Of the maps, Ancient is the most interesting because it is developed by the game publisher Valve.

Ancient, reminiscent of the iconic Aztec map from previous CS versions, typically has two bomb locations.

Maps made by Valve and added to the game tend to end up in a selection of racing tournaments before long, so Ancient may also be played in big tournaments in the future.

The upgrade added a retake game mode open to all players, where the round begins with tuning the bomb.

In Retake, four police officers try to defuse a bomb against three terrorists.

The supplies and weapons to be used will be decided at the beginning of the round by selecting one of the three available equipment cards.

A completely new feature is also the chat bike, which is familiar from Dota and Apex Legends, among others.

The bike can be used to quickly indicate, for example, where you have seen an enemy or where you should be attacking.

The chat wheel is a new feature designed to make communication easier and simpler quickly.

The long-awaited new game operation is brought major changes that would be significant, for example, to play or compete side methanesulfonyl a popular game like.

Operation Broken Fang began as early as night and will end on April 30, 2021.