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  • Jean Castex and the government unveiled the French vaccination plan on Thursday evening.

    Alain Fischer has been named “mister vaccine”.

  • The number of contaminations continues to fall in France, but less rapidly than for two weeks.

    A little more than 8,000 people are infected on average every day this last week.

  • The United States broke a new record Thursday with more than 210,000 contaminations in twenty-four hours.

    Joe Biden announced more restrictive mask-wearing decisions as soon as he took office.


The vaccination campaign, an unprecedented logistical challenge


More than 300 dead in 24 hours, the decline continues in intensive care


8:35 am: Waiting for the next pandemic

Emmanuel Macron will announce this Friday the creation of a new national research agency on infectious and emerging diseases, to better cope in the future with crises such as that of Covid-19, we learned from the ministry of research.

The president will present “his vision of the transformation in health research and innovation for the coming years”, during a speech at 12:30 pm at the Imagine institute, within the Necker hospital in Paris, alongside the Minister of Research, Frédérique Vidal.

As such, he will announce the establishment of a new agency dedicated to infectious and emerging diseases in order to "improve research, understand how these diseases emerge, know how to treat them, and be there in the event of a new health crisis", detailed the ministry.

This agency, which should see the light of day in January 2021, will bring together the National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS) and the REACting consortium, which coordinates research on health crises linked to emerging infectious diseases (chikungunya virus , Ebola… and Covid-19).

8:19 am: Winter sales will be postponed

The winter sales period will begin on January 20 instead of January 6, Minister Delegate for SMEs Alain Griset announced on Friday, following a request for postponement from associations of traders.

"I think that today it is useful to postpone, so the sales will start on January 20", declared the minister on Sud-Radio, adding that "we had by law the possibility of starting on the 6th".

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