Nicolas Chafoulais had the first name of Fiona, who has been missing since 2013, tattooed on his neck.


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In front of the Rhône conference, this Friday, Fiona's father, Nicolas Chafoulais, implored Cécile Bourgeon and her ex-companion to "say" where the body of the 5-year-old girl, who died seven years ago, was.

"I would like her to tell me where my daughter is and what they have done," declared Nicolas Chafoulais, clinging to the bar, who limited himself to naming the accused only by name. of family.

The accused were "two to mount" the lie

His "deep conviction", he added, is "that they hit my daughter until she was in terrible shape and they chose to let her agonize three feet away from them the whole time. night ”.

Cécile Bourgeon and Berkane Makhlouf have been retried on appeal since Tuesday at the Assises du Rhône for the death of little Fiona in May 2013, whom the accused had initially claimed to have been kidnapped in a park in Clermont-Ferrand.

In September 2013, Fiona's mother ended up confessing in police custody that her daughter died overnight from Saturday to Sunday, after a fatal blow, according to her, by her ex-companion, and that they buried her in a wooded area.

His body has never been found.

For the father of Fiona, a former drug addict, who now has custody of the second daughter he had with Cécile Bourgeon, the accused were "two to mount" this lie of the alleged kidnapping in order to "save their skin".

"If they threw it in the trash, it's monsters"

"They made the choice to let her die, to hide everything and hope to get out" instead of "calling the firefighters", lamented the thirty-something.

This one hopes to have “perhaps the chance to find” the body of the girl if she is buried near the lake of Aydat, as indicated by Cécile Bourgeon at the time of her confession to the investigators.

"If they threw it in the trash, it's monsters," he continued, referring to one of the hypotheses raised by investigators.

Nicolas Chafoulais then turned to Berkane Makhlouf to conjure him to speak: “If you have something to say, say it now!


But Fiona's ex-father-in-law didn't react.

"I have always said that if I knew where my daughter's body is, I would have said so", Cécile Bourgeon replied in an irritated tone.


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