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US, facing the worst coronavirus situation every day, is betting on vaccination.

However, many people are reluctant to get vaccinated with conspiracy theories that the vaccine will contain an electronic chip.

Biden and the former presidents of the United States have announced they will get the vaccine first.

This is Kim Soo-hyung, correspondent in Washington.

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is a documentary about the theory of vaccine conspiracy.

Bill Gates claims to try to control humanity by chipping the vaccine.

[Documentary'Plandemic': Bill Gates developed a new technology that puts a chip under the skin when a vaccine is injected.

Allows government agencies to read invisible certificates.] All

social media companies have released videos, but have already seen 8 million people.

28% of American adults believe this absurd conspiracy theory is true.

The expert who appeared in the documentary made even more absurd arguments at a vaccination protest.

[Judy Mikovic/Virus Expert: The aluminum toxin in the vaccine causes Alzheimer's, autism, encephalitis and encephalopathy.

These children are sitting in wheelchairs.] Even when the

corona vaccine comes out, 58% of Americans are skeptical about getting the vaccine.

[Jones/President Objection Rally Participant (November 15): All information on environmental toxic substances in the vaccine can be found (on the Internet).]

Biden as well as former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton have publicly declared that they will get the vaccine first.

[Biden/U.S. President-elect: People have lost faith that the vaccine works.

The rate of getting vaccinated is shockingly low.

That is why it is important for the President and Vice President to show their actions.]

Corona 19 in the United States exceeded 200,000 new infections and 2,800 deaths a day.

This story means that there are as many Corona 19 deaths in the United States every day as the 9/11 victims.

(Video coverage: Jeongsik Oh, video editing: Yonghwa Jung)