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Wednesday, at the end of the afternoon, in Calvignac, in the Lot, a young man of 25 who was chopping wood in his garden was the victim of a fatal shot.

While a wild boar hunt was standing nearby, a hunter fired in its direction.

This 33-year-old man “was indicted on the count of manslaughter and placed under judicial supervision with, in particular, a ban on carrying or holding a weapon, a ban on hunting, a ban on leaving his home department and other obligations and prohibitions ”, confirmed to

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the prosecutor of the Republic of Cahors, Frédéric Almendros.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the shooter would have indicated to have seen a wild boar, before shooting at a dark mass.

The circumstances of the tragedy will have to be clarified by the judicial information, but the accidental thesis does not seem to be in doubt.

From 3 to 5 years incurred

Released, the alleged shooter incurs a sentence of three years' imprisonment on this account, "unless the manifestly deliberate violation of a particular obligation provided for by law or regulation is ultimately retained, it will then be five years" , specifies this Friday the chief of the public prosecutor's office of Cahors.

The blood alcohol and drug tests have already turned out to be negative.


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