The singer Antti Railio, 36, who weighed almost 200 kilos at the beginning, was third in the Finland's Biggest Dropper program.

The tight measure culminated in a great result: 23.6 pounds was lost.

Weighing 170.8 pounds at the end of the final, Railio admits to being a realist and therefore didn’t count on a win at all.

Third place was more than enough for a man.

As a percentage, Railio's drop was 12.1 percent in the final.

"I was pretty sure I couldn't beat this in practice, because my starting weight was so much that I should have dropped 40-50 pounds to be able to win this as a percentage," Railio reminded IS after the final.

The change picture proves that a nice number of kilos left Railio. Photo: Nelonen

Instead, there is another goal in Railio's mind.

Railio and his wife Siiri were inaugurated in August, but due to the corona, no celebrations could be held.

It is hoped that in a year's time the wedding will be celebrated properly, and then an even slimmer man will slip into the party dress.

- I have a long-term goal, until next fall.

My goal is that there is nothing extra.

That’s the kind of long-term goal, Railio says.

- The goal is for me to be 120 kg at my ideal weight then.

I haven't gotten there yet, Railio reveals.

Antti Railio and Siiri's wife were inaugurated in August.

The celebrations will be celebrated when the corona situation calms down. Photo: Timo Aalto

Admittedly, Railio, who has a hard sports background, reminds us that he has been under a hundred kilos even as an adult.

- When I kicked the box, I weighed 99 pounds and was quite a swing.

120 pounds is right for me, although many say it’s just too much.

I have always said that for me it is not too much, but just good, says Railio.

According to Railio, the ideal weight was confirmed during the race.

- When I had tests and body composition measurements, they also advocated that I have a lot of muscle mass, and 120 is my ideal weight.

I don’t have the absolute goal of having to be exactly 120 pounds, but roughly, Railio says.

Antti Railio, winner Aarni Mikkola and second place finisher Veera Korhonen aired in the final. Photo: Seppo Solmela

After reaching the ideal weight, in Bodio's mind, bodybuilding and the “body of Tarzan” are already there.

- I would like to invest in classic bodybuilding.

Not a bastard, but an old covenant thing, the kind of Tarzan that has a big upper body and is athletic and muscular.

That is my goal, Railio laughs.

Railion thought the biggest drop was an awesome experience, even though a small casualty happened along the way.

- My knee broke.

There came water and it became inflamed.

It was pretty bad and had its own challenges.

Now is avoided certain movements at home, so I have done it in good condition.

Of course I still look after it, you have to know what you are doing, Railio describes.

Antti Railio intends to continue his lifestyle renovations even after the program. Photo: Seppo Solmela

The inflamed knee caused gray hair for a while, but Railio decided to follow the old familiar guideline.

- Of course it annoyed, stressed and excited that if it gets worse, the race will be missed.

However, I think I’m doing my best and that’s enough, Railio says.