Freiburg (dpa / lsw) - A Freiburg collective has released a tear-off calendar with 365 vulva close-ups.

One of the makers, Indra Küster, told the German press agency that the project aims to show how diverse the external female genitals can look and thus dispel false norms.

"We consider ourselves an enlightened society and know almost nothing about the vulva."

The motto of the calendar is: "Take a real look."

The unedited photos can be seen on pages that are almost A-5.

At the beginning of each month there is a page with information about the female genitals.

The photos were taken during around a dozen shoots in different locations, and the participants found each other via a call on social media.

Behind the calendar is the Freiburg «Vulvaversity» collective, a group that includes an artist, a filmmaker and an educator.

The vulva has been stigmatized for centuries, said Küster.

Today, many women are ashamed of the appearance of their gender - the calendar could possibly convey more self-confidence.

The first edition is already out of print, but an edition for 2022 is planned.


Vulvaversity website