This autumn, people with coronary heart disease have been found in the Turku area who have already contracted the disease.

Jutta Peltoniemi, chief physician responsible for infectious diseases, tells IS that there are less than ten cases.

- There are people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

Peltoniemi believes that there are some recurrent infections elsewhere in Finland.

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According to Peltoniemi, information on the first cases of coronary heart disease came from Sweden and the Netherlands in August.

There has been speculation in the public debate that this may be an old coronary heart disease.

There are remnants of an old viral disease in the body.

Turku's re-illnesses refute this theory.

- There is such a longer Interval in these diseases that we have thought that these are recurrent infections, Peltoniemi explains.

The person has fallen ill with corona in the spring.

She has undergone corona tests in the summer and has been found healthy.

In the fall, he is re-ill with corona.

- If Korona comes within three months, then you can think that the disease is the same, Peltoniemi estimates.

Based on the re-illnesses in Turku, the disease will come in a milder form for the second time.

Peltoniemi reminds that there are still few cases.

A larger number of patients would be required to see how the virus behaves.

Some people with coronary heart disease have been found in the Hus area of ​​the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts, says Asko Järvinen, chief physician of infectious diseases.

The person has fallen ill with corona in the spring.

He has recovered and then fallen ill again in the fall.

Järvinen says it could be an old virus.

Respiratory diseases are characterized by recurrence.

Järvinen says that a three-month rule has been agreed in the industry.

A person with coronary heart disease is healthy if he or she receives negative test results within three months.

Järvinen says that it is still not possible to say for sure that this is a new viral disease the second time.

- It should be possible to compare these two viruses at the amino acid level.

Turku Sanomat first wrote about Turku's re-illnesses.