China News Service, December 3, according to Taiwan’s United News Network, a mysterious metal cylinder appeared on the top of a mountain in northern Romania recently, and the surface was covered with mysterious circular patterns, but it disappeared again a few days later and appeared on the Internet. Aroused people's discussion.

Earlier, similar objects appeared in the desert of Utah, USA.

A mysterious metal block that appeared in Romania.

Picture source: CBS report video screenshot.

  According to reports, recently, local media in the Neamts region of Romania disclosed that on November 27, a 3-meter-high metal triangular cylinder appeared in the area. The surface of the cylinder was shiny and covered with many circular patterns.

On December 1, this column disappeared again.

  A local journalist, Robert Iosub, believed that the incident might have been the work of a local "bad welder". "Now there is only a small hole covered by rocky soil." He added that the metal was welded properly. not good.

  A spokesman for the local police department said that officials are investigating the illegally installed metal block and the area where it was found is a protected archaeological area.

On November 24, local time, the Utah Public Safety Administration released a photo of a mysterious metal boulder found in the local Red Rock area (the picture was taken on November 18).

  Coincidentally, in November, U.S. Utah officials also discovered a mysterious 3.7-meter-high shiny metal triangular prism in a desert area of ​​the state. No one knows how the metal block was placed here.

On November 28, state officials stated that the metal block had suddenly disappeared.

  Huggins, the pilot who discovered the metal block in Utah, said that the scene is reminiscent of a black obelisk erected by aliens on the moon in the classic science fiction movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."