Rkp says that it is working at all levels to ensure that Finland has two strong national languages, Swedish and Finnish.

- We want to create a good language climate for the whole of Finland and all municipalities.

Everyone must be able to feel respected and dare to speak their own language, says Anna-Maja Henriksson, Chairman of the RKP, in the introductory words to the party's municipal election program.

The party also sees it important to prevent the segregation of work and for municipalities to take an active approach to integrating new Finns into local society.

- Racism must be eradicated from all municipalities.

The RKP defends diversity and inclusion and wants integration to take place in Swedish as well.

The NCB wants municipalities to work actively to promote work-related immigration.

According to it, the quality of integration services provided by municipalities to new Finns outside the labor market must also be improved.

The program also notes that as a result of the coronavirus, more and more people are working remotely and the importance of leisure living has changed for many.

- This places new demands on the services of the temporary home community.

We need to explore the possibility of dualism.

The RKP would also invest in community and inclusion in its municipalities.

- Meeting and residence places must be available for local residents.

We need our own assembly facilities (svenska rum) in places where Swedish is a minority language.

The RKP also wants to change the age limits for free breast cancer screening from the current 50-69 years to 40-74 years, and to guarantee free contraception in the municipalities for all those under 25 years of age.

According to it, all young people also have the right to free leisure activities.

According to the RKP, children and young people must also be able to participate in and influence the planning of leisure services provided by the municipality.

It also wants municipalities to use participatory budgeting to increase their involvement in municipal decision-making.

The RKP also supports a restrained tax policy on, for example, municipal and property taxes, which will prevent tax levels from rising too high.