For Black Friday, Cdiscount is offering the Netgear 6 Nighthawk MK63 WiFi system for only 244.99 euros.



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The growing presence of connected and wireless everyday objects can represent a real headache to connect to the home network.

To provide optimal coverage both wirelessly and over a large area, Netgear offers the Nighthawk MK63 WiFi 6 system.

Up to 25 devices connected simultaneously 

Designed to provide Wi-Fi mesh over an area of ​​300 m², the Netgear 6 Nighthawk MK63 has other advantages.

Thanks to a router directly connected by Ethernet, it communicates with two satellites to be placed at a distance to allow optimal coverage and the connection of up to 25 different wireless devices, whether they are computers, smart TVs, connected speakers, etc.

Safety first

In addition to the ability to manage a large fleet of connected objects and over a large area, the Netgear Wi-Fi system also allows remote management and monitoring, to ensure that no one is using your network unwillingly.

It is also possible to create separate Wi-Fi access for occasional guests and test the speed to be sure all devices have proper internet access.

If you are looking for both a powerful and secure Wi-Fi solution for important connectivity needs, then the Netgear 6 Nighthawk MK63 Wi-Fi system should be of interest to you.

Offered at 244.99 euros instead of 369.89 euros during Black Friday at Cdiscount, this is a rare opportunity to get equipped at a reduced price.

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