On Tuesday, the Finnish Sports Confederation confirmed the news reported by Ilta-Sanomat in Tampere more than a week ago.

Tero Pitkämäki, 37, starts javelin throwing as a full-time sports coach at Kuortane Sports College alongside Petteri Piironen.

- Of course, it would have been somewhat disappointing if it had not been elected, Pitkämäki admitted.

At the same time, the Sports Federation announced its entire massive coaching organization for about 30 people, which will start at the beginning of next year and has an annual cost of just under 900,000 euros.

Of this, the Sports Federation itself finances about 350,000 euros, the Olympic Committee's top sports unit 185,000 euros.

Nearly all coaches are not full-time.

Pitkämäki has recently studied coaching and got acquainted with his future field of work, which initially includes coaching young shooters in Kuortane.

He made it clear that there would soon be high-level top throwers in his own coaching as well.

He has been publicly interested in coaching Oliver Helander.

Last weekend, Pitkämäki was organizing a big spear seminar in Kuortane, which came out with a hard goal: Finland should return to the Olympic gold standard in Paris in 2024.

- Oliver Helander, Toni Kuusela and a woman, say Julia Valtanen, Pitkämäki introduced their candidates as hero throwers in France.

The man's burning coaching work was already reported by applying for the ongoing professional coach training for ex-top athletes in Kuortane.

Although the Sports Federation had not yet officially confirmed his choice of coach in the summer and early fall, the man still dared to refuse other job offers related to his engineering education.

For financial loss:

- Salary offers from them were in different categories.

But spear coaching feels more like a passion awakened after a respite from a small active career than work.

Pitkämäki is a rarity in top Finnish individual coaching when applying for a professional coach very soon after his active career.

- The intention was to take a distance from javelin throwing after a career, but a new burn ignited really quickly.

He’s going to shy away from stepping into a mine: a former top athlete as a coach might too easily mirror everything in his own business and see only one model that takes him to the top.

- If there was such a fault, I would not have gone at all.

I have seen a number of close international vieneitä the top of the business models and the most varied types shooter.

I’m really not looking for a copy of myself.

The copy is never as good as the original.

Although Pitkämäki starts his work by studying, the sleeves must be rolled up immediately:

- The situation of the species does not allow thumbs to rotate.

Now something needs to be done.

Petteri Piironen, an experienced sport coach who starts as a working couple in Pitkämäki, hopes that the example of an air river will inspire even more eastern Finland: ¨

- Hopefully, Antti Ruuskanen, who will soon end his career, for example, will take a booth from that.

It is a completely different thing when Pitkämäki or Ruuskanen is given a spear in the company of a boy or girl than Piironen.