Johan Almekinders, the party leader of Forum for Democracy in Overijssel, was expelled from the party by the national board on Wednesday evening.

The reason for the board's step is a critical letter that Almekinders wrote about the referendum on the position of Thierry Baudet, the party leader said on Twitter.

Almekinders and two other Overijssel members of parliament demanded in a letter that FVD would withdraw the intended referendum on the position of party leader Baudet by Wednesday evening at the latest.

A few hours before Almekinders' ultimatum, he received an email from the national board with the announcement that his membership had been terminated, writes the Overijssel party leader on Twitter.

This would have happened unilaterally: Almekinders says he has not canceled his membership himself.

@JurriaanMaessen @ChrisAalberts @rik_rutten @SilviodeGroot of the #FVD party bureau thinks otherwise.

He terminated my membership after reading @PhilipDeWW. It is strange that I did not cancel my membership myself and was not expelled as a member by @lennartvdlinden.


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The six members of the Overijssel parliamentary party are critical of the events of the past weeks within Forum for Democracy.

In their letter to the party leadership, they threatened to investigate the punishability of the board, if the referendum were to go through anyway.

Last week it was announced that FVD is organizing a binding referendum on whether Baudet can stay on as party leader.

Dissension has arisen within the party after reports from

Het Parool

which showed that anti-Semitic and racist messages are still being spread by members of the youth section of the party.

Among others, well-known FVD'ers such as Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema and senator Paul Cliteur left the party.

Several candidate MPs also canceled their membership, including Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

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