Magdeburg (dpa) - Despite the ongoing corona crisis, the number of company bankruptcies remains low, according to a study.

The Institute for Economic Research in Halle (IWH) announced on Thursday that 684 corporate insolvencies were reported in November.

The IWH researchers reported the lowest numbers since the beginning of this year.

A good 70 more cases were reported in October.

For the period between January and May, the IWH insolvency trend reported between 900 and 1000 affected partnerships and corporations per month.

According to the researchers, it is striking that comparatively few jobs are currently affected by bankruptcies.

"If you look at the number of jobs affected by insolvency since the beginning of the crisis, the insolvency events were the quietest in October and November," said the head of IWH insolvency research, Steffen Müller.

This is mainly due to a decline in the bankruptcies of large companies.

The state is trying to mitigate the negative economic consequences of the Corona crisis with billions in aid, short-time work benefits and, in some cases, relaxed insolvency reporting requirements.

Against this background, IWH insolvency researchers do not initially expect a wave of bankruptcies.


The IWH evaluates the announcements of German insolvency courts every month and links them with the balance sheet figures of the companies concerned.

This enables the institute to provide data much faster than official statistics.

IWH expert Müller and his team assume that the number of corporate bankruptcies will tend to rise in the coming months and normalize at a long-term level.

Information on insolvency research at the IWH Halle