China News Service, December 3rd. According to Euronet’s report on the 3rd, the European Union News Agency reported that due to the influence of cold air, the temperature in many parts of Italy will drop significantly. For this reason, the Italian emergency civil defense department has reported to Surrey and Nuoro. In other regions, warnings of snow and frost weather have been issued.

  According to the report, according to the forecast of the Italian National Meteorological Observatory, affected by the cold air from Denmark and the Nordic region, the Gulf of Liguria in Italy has formed a cyclone since the 2nd local time, and rain and snow will form in the north-central region of Italy in the future.

From the early morning of the 3rd local time, there will be snowfall in Milan, Cremona and other places in northern Italy.

The picture shows a restaurant in Passo Tonale, a ski resort in the Dolomites, Italy.

  According to forecasts, the city of Fonni, Nuoro Province, Sardinia will also usher in the first snowfall of 2020 on the 3rd local time, and the minimum temperature in the city will drop significantly.

Italy’s emergency civil defense department has issued warnings of snow and frost to areas such as Surrey and Nuoro.

  It is also reported that on the 3rd local time, the central and southern regions of Italy will be affected by heavy rainfall, and there will be strong winds, thunderstorms and hail in Lazio, and severe weather will continue for many days.

To this end, the Lazio Regional Civil Defense Bureau has issued a yellow weather warning.

(Lin Zhuqing)