A hunter with his rifle (illustration).


Vincent Wartner / 20 Minutes

The hunting party turned into a nightmare Thursday in a wood in the town of Calvignac in the Lot.

While a wild boar beat was in full swing, a 23-year-old young man from the village was fatally shot.

The emergency services, quickly informed, could do nothing to revive him.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the victim was outside the beaten.

She was chopping wood, not far from her home, when the tragedy occurred.

Calvignac is a small village in the Lot, with a little over 200 inhabitants.

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Frédéric Almendros, public prosecutor of Cahors, confirms

20 minutes

that a hunter has been taken into custody for manslaughter.

The investigation by the gendarmes is continuing and the magistrate plans to speak tomorrow, Friday, on this new fatal hunting accident.


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