[Explanation] On December 2, shortly after Double Eleven, Taiwanese youth Lu Yingjie was busy broadcasting live under the spotlight, bringing goods for her handbag shop.

In 1992, Lu Yingjie's father founded a leather factory in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

In 2009, 22-year-old Lu Yingjie entered Wuhan University to study English with the idea of ​​assisting his family in foreign trade business in the future.

After graduation, he went straight back to the leather factory that his father had converted to produce textile bags.

  [Concurrent] Taiwan Youth Lu Yingjie

  Once I came back from college, I learned about it in my dad's factory.

When I told him (I) to make this handmade leather goods, he was quite surprised.

The main thing is to make a brand, and to make this kind of leather brand, it is (equivalent to) returning to what he did when he was young, so he was a little surprised.

  [Explanation] After the communication, his father "divided the huge production plant into two" and left half of it to his son as a "test field" for handmade leather goods.

Lu Yingjie started with the easiest way to open a female bag online store. From the beginning, few people asked for it. Now, the live broadcast is increasing and orders continue to grow.

  [Concurrent] Taiwan Youth Lu Yingjie

  (In the beginning of the product) I put it on the (online shop) for a week without any sound. In the end, I sold a key ring, (business is) starting from that key ring.

(Later) After all, there is no sense of reality when looking at pictures, so the face-to-face display to our consumers (in front of the camera) will slowly change from the original graphics to the form of live broadcast.

  [Explanation] The handsome Lu Yingjie often goes out in person to speak for the bag.

From explaining the design concept to explaining the production process, Lu Yingjie's systematic introduction has won countless fans.

The speed of the growth of Yingjie Nou's studio business once again surprised his father, this time a surprise.

  [Concurrent] Taiwan Youth Lu Yingjie

  The cost of acquiring traffic is getting higher and higher, and this is also a big challenge for us.

(We) mainly through providing some better services, and then more accurately to expand new customers.

Our brand is called Hanxia. Hanxia itself means Chinese, so I hope it can become the future of national bags.

  Zhang Chuanming reports from Wuxi, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]