The trial of surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, accused of sexual assault on four minors.


Francois Mori / AP / SIPA

Former surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, 70, was sentenced Thursday to fifteen years of criminal imprisonment at the end of his trial behind closed doors at the Assizes of Saintes (Charente-Maritime) for sexual abuse of four minors.

This sentence, in accordance with the requisitions of the Advocate General, was accompanied by an obligation of socio-judicial monitoring of three years and an order for treatment, the accused having been convicted of all the facts against him. were criticized.

The surgeon was accused of assaulting more than 300 children in 28 years.

As most of the cases are still at the investigation stage, this trial concerned only four alleged victims.


Le Scouarnec affair: The surgeon back to the assizes to answer for "rapes of minors"

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